Soundsens “i”


The new Soundsens “i” system of correlating loggers and the latest software has been designed for high performance, versatility and speed of operations in the field.


Operators can set up and download data without a PC if preferred. The unit can store up to a weeks survey data before downloading to a PC, thereby making field operations more flexible. Loggers are downloaded via infra-red signal and so there is no requirement for direct physical connection via wires. This makes deployment and downloading much faster.

Boxes of loggers can be connected together to allow simultaneous programming and downloading of data from all loggers. This, combined with a USB connection for easy communication with a PC means that leak detection is quick and efficient.

With a typical five year battery life, LCD screen with backlight and simple push button interface, the Soundsens “i” is ready for action, day or night.


  • User can setup loggers and download data without using PC
  • Quick setup for day or night recordings
  • Custom recording setup available
  • Multiple downloads of data can be stored
  • USB communications with PC
  • Infra-Red wireless connection with loggers
  • Simultaneous communications with all loggers for fast recording setup and data download
  • LCD screen with backlight
  • Push button interface
  • Battery LED indicates when the battery is running low
  • 5-year battery life for loggers
  • Multiple cases can link together to set up and download
Sensor Input Internal, high performance accelerometer detects audible noise in pipe. Attaches to pipeline or valve via powerful magnetic coupling
Sample Rate User adjustable
Memory Records 650,000 readings. (Expandable memory available upon request)
Recording Times Programmable to start at a nominated time or after a set delay period

Case to PC - via USB cable for fast download

Case to Pods - simultaneous connection via infrared

Case to Case - via 9 pin RS232


Individual advanced correlator pods:

160mm (including magnet) H x 55mm D

Weight Individual correlator pods: 0.7 kg
Carrying Case

Supplied in 2-4 pod case or 6-8 pod case.

(Any number of cases can be connected together)

Operating Temperature -10° C to 50° C
Ingress Individual pods: IP68 submersible