PermaNet+ Trunk Main system


PermaNET Trunk Main (TM) GPS is an acoustic monitoring system for trunk mains, plastic and sensitive pipelines that uses GPS Time Synchronisation to product highly accurate correlations over long distances, on large diameter pipes and in difficult conditions.

Combining high performance Hydrophone 2 leak detection capability with flow and pressure transient information not only delivers highly accurate leak noise correlations but will potentially identify from where leaks are originating. The system is available with flow and pressure channels with fast logging capability.



Combining the proven sensitivity of our new Hydrophone 2 with our advanced-telemetry data logger and GPS Time Sync, PermaNET TM GPS delivers leak noise detection and correlation over greater distance on plastic and large diameter pipes.

A flexible solution, PermaNET TM GPS can be supplied with pressure and flow inputs to deliver multi-parameter monitoring and detect problems as they arise, with the pressure channel supporting a fast-logging mode to detect transients.

The system is battery-powered by the logger, with additional battery packs supporting accelerated dial-in and fast logging. No expensive mains or solar power infrastructure is required, meaning the PermaNET TM GPS has the flexibility for fixed or portable, short or long-term deployments.

Key Features and Benefits

Battery-powered telemetry acoustic (flow and pressure) leakage monitoring
  • Hydrophone 2: high performance hydrophone for best results on large and non-metallic pipes
  • GPS Time Synchronisation: accurate correlation even over long runs and in rural locations
  • Multi-parameter options: flow and pressure capability, including fast logging (transient)
  • Easy to deploy: battery-powered, no requirement for solar or mains infrastructure
  • Telemetry: latest NBIoT/LTE-M/4G or 2G HWM telemetry
  • PermaNET Web: software supports: -
    • Correlation
    • Map view
    • Aqualog
    • Select GIS file formats
    • Remote configuration
    • Filtering
  • Fast burst detection: profile alarms on noise level (pressure and flow) to quickly identify leaks
  • External battery packs: to support fast logging or accelerated dial-in regimes
  • Easy to use: compatible with the HWM Deployment app and can also be programmed through PermaNET Web
  • Long-term monitoring: typical 5 years battery life (depending on settings and signal strength)
  • Variable sampling: sample times can be changed remotely through PermaNET Web or via IDT software
Noise HWM high performance Hydrophone sensor
Clock On board 24 hour real time clock with date facility
Automated synchronization
Serial USB Cable for connection to PDA hand held programming and data collection unit, laptop, or desktop PC

Logger without antenna = H = 86mm, W = 115mm, D = 114mm

LNS: H = 110mm, W = 85mm, D = 72mm


 Logger = 338 grams

Leak Noise Sensor= 586 grams

Operating Temperature   

Logger: -20 to +60°C (-5 to +140°F)

Hydrophone: -20 to +60°C (-5 to +140°F)

Ingress Protection IP68 submersible