Patroller 4 is a discreet, wireless bluetooth-compatible transciever used for the collection of data from PCorr+ and Permalog+ devices. 

Patroller 4 can rapidly download data via radio, permitting drive-by data collections or lift and shift operations. 

Compatibility with the new PCorr+ software and our WebCorr app allows data received by Patroller 4 to be used for immediate site correlation or uploaded to PermaNET Web. 

Small, compact and lightweight, Patroller 4 is easy to carry and use.



    Patroller 4 is designed for portability and performance; to download from PCorr+ and Permalog+ devices in both drive-by and lift and shift modes.

    Patroller 4 is supplied as standard with 1/4 wave antennas allowing for compact storage and ease of transfer between vehicles. Extended operational range can be achieved through the use of magnetic mounted or fixed vehicle antennas.

    Bluetooth connection conforms with BLE implementation, optimised for use with HWM software.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Intuitive software: Patroller 4 is efficient and easy to use
    • Compatible: operations can be performed with a laptop, tablet or smart phone (Android or iOS)
    • Battery powered: rechargable battery charged by micro USB
    • Portable and discreet: Patroller 4 is smart, compact and lightweight
    • Wireless data collection: data collected wirelessly in a moving patrol vehicle