GSM and Non-GSM Noise Logger

Log noise in the pipes

Leak noise loggers help to reduce leakage levels and operating costs simultaneously by monitoring large areas of the water network quickly and effectively. They have become a standard piece of equipment for leak detection, and enables water suppliers to reduce leakage cost effectively, and to maintain these low levels at a minimal cost. Noise loggers are considerably more sensitive than the human ear and are usually active during the night when background noise is at a minimum.

Leak loggers take leak detection and locating to the next step by being able to log leak sound without a utility worker present, which could be at night, on weekends. Logging can also be used to take repeated leak noise recordings over time to determine if a leak is growing, developing, or to rule out short term usage that could be falsely detected as a leak. Leak loggers can record leak sound at a single location like a simple leak detector. Leak correlators that can be set to log and correlate at the same time can also be used.

Noise logger