About Us

Allied Power Company Profile

Allied Power Technology Ltd. is an innovative company providing integrated loT solutions for water network and environmental monitoring business.

We emphasize data management via mobile and remote IoT technologies. We provide solutions for SCADA, Leakage Management, Flow and Pressure Monitoring, DMA Pressure Regulation, River and Sewer Monitoring, etc.

We provide total solutions include hardware, software and on-site services.

We are the Sole Distributor and Agent of the following companies:

  • Palmer Environmental
  • HWM (Halma Water Management)
  • Radcom
  • Hydreka
  • Sensus
  • Viking Johnson
  • Sofrel

Major Client list:

  • Water Supplies Department
  • Civil Engineering Department
  • The Macao Water Supply Co. Ltd.
  • Airport Authority
  • Chun Wo
  • Wo Hing
  • Ming Hing
  • Rights
  • INFO
  • Beijing Water
  • Kun Ming Water
  • Veolia
  • Pudong Water
  • Black & Vetch
  • ExxonMobil
  • Leighton Group

Major Projects:

  • Leakage monitoring for water mains for WSD (from the year 2010 to now)
  • Leak detection projects for HK Airport, Kun Ming, discovery bay, ExxonMobil, Leighton Group, Chun Wo, etc.
  • Supply of Permalog non-GSM Noise Loggers to WSD (from the year 2005 to now)
  • Supply of Permanet GSM Noise Loggers to WSD (from the year 2008 to now)
  • Supply of Radcom Lolog non-GSM data logger to WSD (from the year 2005 to now)
  • Supply of Radcom Multilog GSM data logger to WSD (from the year 2005 to now)
  • Supply of MicroCorr correlators and XMIC ground microphone to HK contractors and WSD (from the year 2005 to now)
  • DMA pilot project in Beijing Water
  • PRV control project in Beijing Water
  • Supply of Permanet GSM noise loggers to World Expo 2010
  • Supply and deployment of Permalog non-GSM noise loggers to Bejing Olympic 2008