Free-swimming solution for water, wastewater, and oil and gas pipelines that can complete long inspections in a single deployment.










Accurate leak and gas pocket detection without service interruption.

Make short-term repair and long term asset management decisions with Pure's SmartBall free-swimming inspection platform.

Leaks on any type of pressure pipe can be a precursor to larger failures, failures that will cost utilities money, and reduce public confidence in service levels. By using Pure's SmartBall platform leaks can be addressed before larger, more severe failures occur. Finding leaks is an important aspect of managing pipelines and understanding their condition. Inline leak detection, when combined with other Pure Engineering Services, can be used as a screening solution as part of a comprehensive condition assessment inspection or program.

SmartBall based mapping utilizes the latest accelerometer and gyroscope technology to create a field generated X and Y map of a pipeline, which can be used by pipeline mangers to better understand the alignment of their pipes relative to other critical assets, plan maintenance work more efficiently, reduce the likelihood of third party damage and conduct more accurate hydraulic modelling.

SmartBall can also be a key solution in reducing water loss in previously neglected assets by detecting leaks on large diameter mains, helping utilities locate and repair leaks before they surface. These large, long run-time leaks have a significant impact on Non-Revenue Water as the volume of water lost with these leaks is often more than those of small diameter mains.


  • Easy to deploy through existing pipeline features
  • No disruption to regular pipeline service
  • Ability to live track up to 3,000ft (1,000m) before and after each tracking point
  • Can complete long inspections in a single deployment
  • Preliminary leak locations provided 48 hours after the inspection
  • Mapping to confirm pipeline alignment
  • Measures pressure profile