The contribution of telemetry and SCADA


Achieve operating gains

Reduced energy costs (pumping during hours when electricity is provided at a reduced rate, optimisation according to actual needs, etc.) and travel costs (no more systematic visits) will allow you to make real savings.

Permanent monitoring of your installations enables you to extend the lifespan of your devices (preventive maintenance).

Integration with LV/HV Switch Boards

Telemetry and SCADA offer solutions enabling you to improve the operation of your networks and to reduce their operating and management costs.

They also enable you to improve the working conditions of personnel responsible for ensuring the correct operation of installations and help to enhance the quality of service delivered to users.

Conserving resources and making energy savings

Remote monitoring of your installations and rationalisation of their operation is intended to reduce energy consumption, save natural resources (leak detection), prevent risks of flooding and pollution, and monitor discharge into the natural environment.