Multilog LX2


MultiLog LX2 upgrades the highly versatile battery powered telemetry Pressure & Flow data logger with remote SMS/GPRS telemetry. Benefiting from the new ‘unilog’ platform and processing capability the LX 2 adds many new features to its market-leading predecessor. The proven design accommodates very shallow installations like Atplas. The logger is ideal for many applications, including monitoring flow and/or pressure in a district or zone (DMA/PMA) to assess demand, leakage and pressure conformance; logging key customers. The logger utilises the latest advances in GPRS technology to provide rapid transmission at low cost, enabling data to be retrieved more frequently for analysis and response.



In addition to digital (flow) and analogue (pressure, 4-20ma, leak noise) inputs, convenient serial input option enables the LX 2 to be connected easily to a wide range of sensors and meters, including the SonicSens ultrasonic level sensor, SDI12, RS232 and Modbus


Data can be transmitted to HWM’s secure DataGate web-based portal from which it can be viewed on any internet enabled device via the HWM Online website. Alternatively, the logger can send data directly to a customer specific server. Data can also be downloaded locally via a convenient Infra-Red interface.


This environmentally friendly option helps reduce the LX 2’s carbon footprint and TOTEX by removing the need for expensive and time-consuming site visits. It also ensures that the logger can always be updated quickly and efficiently.


When an alarm is triggered, the logger can be programmed to automatically accelerate its scheduled transmission time to improve visibility and assist the investigation. This is particularly useful when the LX 2 is monitoring rising water levels (SonicSens) or when investigating network events.


The LX 2’s innovative secondary channel feature enables additional fast logging up to 25Hz. This is invaluable when more detailed investigation is required, such as transient pressure spikes and ‘true’ minimum night flow. Previously, fast logging could only be used as a manual direct download but faster GPRS data transfer rates and reduced costs have enabled HWM to make this a telemetry feature. The standard logging continues alongside the fast channel logging for general reporting purposes. Fast logging can be triggered from a time window or alarm threshold.


Replaceable internal batteries can power the logger for over five years when data is transmitted every 12 hours. A range of low-cost external battery packs are available which maintains the five-year battery life when sending data every hour, 30 minutes or 15 minutes.



  • 3G option available
  • Frequent transmission down to 15 minutes at low cost
  • Up to 2 x digital flow inputs and 1 x analogue input (internal pressure, external pressure, Leak Noise or 4-20ma)
  • Serial input option for connection to digital meter, SonicSens level sensor, Modbus sensors, SDI12, RS23
  • Advance alarm functionality
  • Pulse Interval Timing – smooths reading of infrequent pulses e.g. minimum night flow
  • Integral and external high-gain antenna options to optimise signal
  • Fast, secondary logging down to 25Hz with time or alarm trigger
  • True max and min flow and investigation of pressure spikes
  • Can record a mixture of min, max, average or spot values in each sample interval
  • Five-year battery life
  • Fully sealed & submersible IP68
  • WITS Option
  • GPS Location Option
1 x Analogue

Internal Pressure Transducer

External pressure. 4-20 ma (optional

0-20 bar / 0-200 metres head / 0-300 psig,

2 x Digital One bi-directional pulse input for Flow. Two single-directional pulse inputs for Flow logging.
Serial Input RS232 (proprietary) for SonicSens ultrasonic level monitors, Permalog+ leak noise loggers, Serial meters etc. Modbus for third-party devices.
Local Infra-Red reading head for connection to laptop, desktop P or Tablet
Accelerated Dial In Dial-in rate is increased if alarm situation is triggered. Logger can accelerate dial-in at alarm level for multiple applications – including SonicSens, Flow, Pressure, and other alarmed sensors.
Dimensions / Weight

Tough ABS plastic enclosure

110H (130H with int pressure sensor) x 150W x 105D mm. Weight 590 grams (1.3lb)

Operating Temp -20 to +70°C (-5 to +160°F
Ingress protection IP68 submersible
Power Lithium Thionyl-Chloride cell operational for 5 years under standard operating conditions, complete with low battery alarm


Multilog LX2