ControlMate-2 is a low-cost controller that enables the pressure into a zone to be switched between two pre-set values (“low” and “high”) according to the demand (flow rate) or the time of day. This enables the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) to be controlled reliably and safely.


Key Features

  • Low-cost unit
  • Easy-to-use, self-contained
  • Pressure management benefits realised cost-effectively, even in small zones
  • Immediate water savings, often simply on the day/night setting
  • Time and flow modulation capability
  • In-built low-pressure detection and automatic response
  • In-built pulse unit failure (zero flow) detection and automatic response
  • Fully compatible with Hydraulic Actuator
  • GSM/SMS communication available
  • No external power supply requirements. Powered by an internal battery with an expected operational life of over five years

Sensor type

Inbuilt transducers are 0-13 bar and 0-17 bar as standard but other ratings are available on special request. External transducers optional.


Typically - 0.2% of full-scale range

Pressure connection
Quick-fit nickel-plated brass connector and push-fit 6mm connector


250mm x 190mm x 70mm


Stainless steel box with handle



Operating Temp

-10 to +50ºC (+14 to +122°F) avoid freezing conditions

Ingress protection

IP68 submersible


Battery type: Fully-sealed internal lithium batteries with expected operating life of 5 years or more