PCWin2: SOFREL SCADA Central Station


The SOFREL PCWin2 SCADA Central Station is the optimal solution for operating SOFREL networks. The functions and tools offered by the software have been developed with the constant aim of offering a simple and efficient solution to the needs of operators.


Offering various communication media (GSM, GPRS, PSTN, Radio, Ethernet, Internet, etc.), PCWin2 enables operators to remain in contact with their installations and to permanently monitor their network. The centralised data enable permanent operational monitoring of installations, provide a better understanding of the network, and allow its operation to be optimised.

PCWin2 features a comprehensive range of functions, including:

  • Centralized alarm reporting via SMS/e-mail
  • Automatic calculations (average flows, balances, formulas, etc.)
  • Curve plotting, graphical mimic diagrams
  • Operating reports in Excel format
  • Viewing in a web browser
  • Self-configuration based on the parameters of the devices

PCWin2, at the heart of the Sofrel telemetry and SCADA network, is compatible with the entire range (PCWin2 - LS/LT - Cellbox - Telbox - S50).

Alarm and stand-by duty management

PCWin2 centralizes, records and reports alarms issued by devices or internal calculations.

Alarm reporting is based on:

  • Annual stand-by duty schedules
  • Weekly schedules of sequences of calls to recipients
  • Transmission of alarms in the form of SMS and/or e-mails
  • Activation of a buzzer on the PC
  • Recording of alarms, calls and acknowledgements


Operating reports

The information archived by PCWin2 is automatically transferred to Excel workbooks benefiting de facto from the functional power of the spreadsheet (macros, formatting, graphs, etc.) for the presentation of operating reports.

  • Periodic report generation (days, weeks, months)
  • Insertion of line and column totals
  • Automatic distribution by e-mail
  • Preview function when designing reports

In addition, export function in “csv” format of data selected online.
PCWin2 enables external central systems to access its data via an SQL opening.


Graphical animated mimic diagrams

Easy to use, graphical mimic diagrams enable users to comprehend the operation of an installation in a single view..

  • This view is entirely user-definable with a vast library of industry symbols
  • Animated component display options: flashing, rotation…
  • Displays current numerical values, suffixes, bar graphs
  • Data reports
  • Control buttons: poll devices, display curves and reports…


Curve plotting

PCWin2 features a particularly powerful curve plotter. This interactive system offers:

  • 1 to 6 curves displayed in a single view
  • Zoom to adjust framing and amplitude (days, weeks, months)
  • Time shifting to track information over different periods of time
  • Export curve points to Excel and statistics

In addition, create trend curves or archives “on the fly” (free selection of data).


PCWin2 Datasheet