Our all-new Hydrophone 2 is an advanced leak noise sensor that is proven to deliver significantly increased performance on plastic pipes and trunk mains.


Extremely sensitive, and ideal for detecting low frequency leak noise, Hydrophone 2 excels in difficult larger diameter and non-metallic pipelines.


  • High performance: increased leak detection and correlation performance over long pipe lengths, larger diameter and non-metallic pipes
  • Sensitive: highly sensitive to low frequency noise
  • Advanced: all new sensor and amplification circuitry provides a step change in performance on plastic and trunk mains
  • Accurate: allows leaks to be detected and pinpointed in situations where standard accelerometers will not
  • Versatile: screws directly into Aptlas/boundary box fittings: compatible with a range of hydrant adapters and other pressure-enabled fittings
  • Compatibility: compatible with Touch Pro correlators and PermaNET+ acoustic loggers
  • Pressure monitoring: includes additional push-fit pressure monitoring point as standard