Chronoflo Mini


The HYDREKA ChronoFLO Mini flowmeter uses the principle of measuring ultrasonic wave transit times to measure flow, and therefore does not intrude on pipe systems under charge.


The ChronoFlo flow meter is housed in a waterproof case, with military-type connectors. As standard, it has 1*4-20 mA intput, 1*on/off output (alarms, sampling or connection to SCADA systems), an external power supply input and a USB connection (data recovery and program duplicating)

The flow meter is equipped with a data recorder that can record more than 400,000 values, which can be processed with spreadsheet, and can operate in full standalone mode for several weeks.

The flow meter is usable for both treatment (water and sludge) and drinking water. Its applications include checking fixed station flow meters (DEM, etc.), analysing raising pumps, diagnosis, etc.


  • Diagnosis of drinking water and wastewater networks,
  • DMA (leak detection monitoring),
  • Checking existing flow meters,
  • Calibration of lift pumps,
  • Volume quantification
Measurement range
  • Two-way up to 25 m/s (82.02ft/s)
  • Certified measurement for MEAS value < 20% in the fluid
Accuracy In steady-state flow:
  • ±1 to 2% of the reading without calibration depending on the application
  • ±0.5% of the reading with calibration
Standalone operation 25 hours continuously or 3 weeks in low power mode with measurement/minute
Memory 416900 data points
Power Supply Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries
Communication By Mini USB - USB cable (text file), Data can be directly import into a spreadsheet
Weight Kit: 2.9 kg
  • 1 MHz sensors: 75 x 30 x 45 mm (0.25 x 0.0098 x 0.15 ft)
  • CPU: 182 x 115 x 34 mm (0.60 x 0.37 x 0.11 ft)
  • Mounting rail with chains for diameter < 2000 mm (6.56ft)
  • Optional: Straps for large diameter or magnetic adapters for metal pipes
Standard kit
  • Central unit, power supply and shoulder strap pair of 1 MHz clamp-on sensor and mounting rail
  • Couplant, retractable tape, bubble, USB <--> USB Mini adaptator and transit case