CELLBOX is a low-cost, but powerful and ready-to-use solution suitable for a wide range of applications: sectorization of water systems, leak detection, remote monitoring and control of isolated equipment, etc.



Network Sectorization

Cellbox monitors the distribution network on a per section basis by

  • Measuring, calculating and logging pipe flows; and
  • Sending all this field data back to the SCADA Master Station

Leak Detection

By continuously logging flows, Cellbox can detect leaks or pipe breaks. For a detailed analysis, cellbox has the ability to make special measurement over a given period of the day (for example, monitoring the night flow between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m.)

Remote Control and Management of Isolated Sites

Cellbox efficiently controls and monitors remote locations with no power supply, even in harsh conditions (rainfall, flow management, etc.) In addition to simple and powerful SCAD features, Cellbox, when installed in an isolated reservoir, can also control the pump station by communicating with the associated S550 RTU.



  • Management of coun indexes with periodic archiving
  • Hourly, daily and timeframe-based reports on counts(e.g. night volumes)
  • Flow calculations


  • Data acquisition by 4-20 mA input
  • Measurement archiving based on a user selectable period
  • Daily reports (reading of minimum, maximum, and average values

Handling Alarm Limits

  • On count indexes
  • On measurements (e.g. low pressure)
  • On calculated flow (e.g. high flow, risk of leaks)
Inputs Four Digital Inputs
  • Dry, self-powered contacts
  • Two inputs used as pulse counts (frequency: up to 25Hz)
  • Appearance/disappearance timeout programmable for each input

One standard 4-20 mA Analog Input (optional)
Local Communications One RS232 link for connecting to PC (used to set and view data)
Packaging Plastic IP67 enclosure
Dimensions 180mm x 180mm x 66mm
Battery Lithium Battery
Battery Life 2 years (depending on usage)


COMlog Datasheet