The SonicSens ultrasonic level sensor is ideal for remote monitoring open channels, combined sewer overflows, storm drains, storage tank levels, and flood warning systems. SonicSens 2 builds on the success of the original unit and has been significantly enhanced to improve its communication functionality and ease of use.

The unit is now combined with the Intelligens Intrinsically safe telemetry logger to provide versatile telemetry options, robust construction and long battery life making SonicSens 2 well suited to “fit and forget” operations in remote or hard to access locations.



SonicSens 2 is supplied with user-friendly PC based installation software. Integrated level to flow conversion software enables the operator to easily configure the device to measure flow rates by selecting from a preset list of channel types (e.g. a V Notch weir) and simply entering the dimensions.


Sonicsens 2 is available in an intrinsically safe option (Zone 0) when the unit is combined with the Intelligens logger, the complete system can be installed in the hazardous area


The SonicSens 2 system includes an Intelligens telemetry data logger which transmits data from the sensor via low-cost GPRS. Two-way connectivity enables the unit to be reprogrammed remotely without the need for expensive site visits. Multiple alarm functions conditions can trigger an alert to up to 16 specified telephone numbers, and the device can provide accelerated dial-in and sampling during such events to make data rapidly available. This enables operators to respond promptly to changing levels.


SonicSens 2, with Intelligens, is equipped with an additional channel capability for logging other parameters such as depth (pressure sensor), temperature, pressure or other


Low power electronics enable the typical five year battery life to be maintained even with increased transmission rates.

Digital 2 independent configurable outputs.
Construction Potted ABS plastic enclosure, IP68 submersible

Box Size:140L x 80W x 67D mm (5.5”L x 3.1”W x 2.6”Deep)

Aluminium adjustable bracket 170 to 210mm (sensor to side mount)

Weight Sensor weight, including bracket: 1.3Kg (2.8lb)
Rating ATEX/IEC certified to Zone 0


Sonicsens Datasheet