Instrumented Bouys


Instrumented Buoys with GSM/GPRS for lakes, rivers and seawater. The complete integrated solution for on-site or remote water quality monitoring.

Available sensors :

  • Conductivity / Salinity / Temperature
  • pH / Redox / Temperature
  • 02 /Temperature
  • Turbidity NTU-mg / l / Temperature


Digital technology for optimized measurement

  • Compact and self-stable buoy
  • Retrieving data by radio on-site
  • Integrated GSM option for monitoring data by internet or supervision
  • Dynamic communication between several buoys

Radio communication with the buoy

A USB/HF stick connected to your laptop makes it possible to connect by radio to the buoys from the bank or boat, so you can easily configure the equipment and download the data

Automatic data sending GSM/GPRS

The logger can integrate a modem (depending on your chosen options). It logs data and sends them via GSM/GPRS to SCADA software on your server or to the web software @ The alert thresholds are configurable, as well as the frequency of sending reports.

The main buoy with modem can also retrieve data from other nearby buoys to send them over 3G


Integrated datalogger 500 000 Measures
Data concentrator Yes locally by radio
Radio antenna Internal or External depending on model

(With or without modem)
Input Modbus (dedicated to the chosen water quality probe)
Operating temperature -40 - 85°C
Housing ABS 20%FV
Sealing IP68
Energy Lithium battery : 3,6V 34Ah
Autonomy Around 4 years (Depending on measuring rate, sending period)
Programming Configuration done locally by radio using our software Avelour. Calibration with USB/RS485 converter module


Bouy Datasheet