Gain Rapid Insight

Instantly Understand Pipe Condition.

Quickview airHD’s high-powered zoom optics assess sewer lines from an adjoining manhole to determine if they need cleaning, repair or further inspection. And it’s perfect for rapid inspections of basins, manholes and tanks. Deploy it to:


  • Diagnose emergency call-outs
  • Avoid confined space entry
  • Conserve CCTV resources
  • Perform a rapid, system-wide assessment
  • Prioritize CCTV, cleaning and rehab activities
  • View pipes too deteriorated for a crawler


    Efficient and Affordable.

    Get Vital Infrastructure Information without Breaking Your Budget.

    Quickview airHD’s unbeatable combination of performance features makes it easier, faster and more affordable to assess sewer condition. Rapid insights allow you to prioritize and allocate resource-intensive inspection and cleaning crews, so you can keep systems running smoothly.

    Effortless Intelligence.

    Accessible Technology Enables Deep Insights.

    Accessible Technology Enables Deep Insights. Quickview’s app-based touchscreen controls wirelessly operate camera zoom and tilt, adjust illumination, overlay text, view live and recorded video, and upload results to the cloud. And it’s compatible with your iOS, Android or Windows device.


    01 CONNECT

    Using the WinCan Sewerlink app, you can easily find and connect to any active Quickview system. Quickview supports multiple simultaneous connections; the first connection controls the camera, and additional connections are view-only so teammates can see footage in real-time from their own devices.

    02 ASSESS


    03 REVIEW

    Vivid Inspection Detail

    Precision optics and powerful illumination deliver high-res footage.

  • Quad-Haloptic light engine maximizes viewing distance and side wall illumination.
  • HD camera delivers four times more detail than standard definition.
  • Low-lux imager captures enhanced visuals from darker/farther regions.
  • Ultra Versatility

    Wherever the Job Takes You, Quickview is Ready to Follow.

  • Remote-adjustable camera angle and height adapts quickly to any inspection situation.
  • System components travel in compact, rugged roller case with telescoping handle.
  • Collapsible pole fits in pick-up bed, but extends to 25’ or 30′ (depending on model).
  • Rechargeable, swappable 4-hour lithium-ion batteries ensure you’re always powered up.
  • WiFi-based control and video transmission means no cables.
  • Clamp-on bipod allows hands-free operation for maximum image stability.
  • Innovation That Yields Insight

    Designed for the Tough Jobs.

    Quickview airHD is easy to transport and deploy, but the capabilities are far from basic. Intuitive technology, high-powered cameras and effortless accessories make sure your team has the data and details it needs to get to work.

    Distance Rangefinder

    The laser rangefinder accessory delivers accuracy to within 0.5%. Distance to target appears graphically at the bottom of the app screen. Measurements can also be overlaid on video.

    Touchscreen Simplicity

    With its wireless tablet app, Quickview grants easy touchscreen control of all camera functions, and lets you capture footage and upload it to the cloud for rapid sharing.


    Interchangeable lithium-ion batteries give hours of operation and recharge rapidly.