The Sensus iPERL Smart Water Meter uses intelligent and responsive data architecture that turns the smart grid concept into reality, offering extended whole-life performance, benchmark accuracy, cost reduction potential and operational transparency. As a result, the iPERL Smart Water Meter is an essential element — not just in monitoring consumption — but in modelling future business strategies and investments.

This meter represents a data end-point that replaces the traditional meter, captures and communicates network status and consumption data remotely and in real-time, while continuously monitoring system integrity and reporting against defined parameters.



  • EM technology
  • built-in data logger
  • No moving parts (Durable)
  • Internal battery (for 15 years)
  • IP68
  • Auto-detect flow direction
  • No length limitation in installation
  • Alarm via GSM / GPRS
Operating temperature 15 °C+ to 60 °C
Water conductivity Down to 120 µS / cm
Water pressure Up to 16 bar
Memory 2880 data points and alarms
Telemetry Sensus radio
OMS Certified broadcast platform