To manage your utilities efficiently, you need to know exactly where and when you are consuming. Many businesses are unaware of the wasted cost they incur due to excessive, unnecessary and unknown use of water, gas and electricity. Accurately measuring and monitoring consumption is essential to identifying wastage and changing the way utilities are consumed in order to make substantial savings.


HWM Online provides immediate access to flow, pressure and other data from any internet enabled device. With no software to download, the user simply enters their unique password and selects the required viewing period. Data is displayed in graphical and table format which may be exported as a .csv file for further analysis. Historical data can be compared with current results, to identify losses and enable savings to be calculated.

The online viewer can be used to quickly identify exceptional usage in targeted areas. This enables immediate and specific investigation to resolve problems, saving time and money.

To safeguard security, the system permits read only access to the data. Each user is permitted only to view loggers that they have been specifically authorised to see, meaning that data remains secure and protected at all times.


This enables clear identification of the logger being viewed. Precise coordinates can be entered into the system when the logger is deployed. Alternatively, HWM Online will provide an approximate location using data from the mobile phone network.


HWM Online displays useful information about each logger, including any current and previous alarms, battery voltage level, signal strength, firmware version, installation details and how many times the logger is dialling in each day.


The user can view the configured alarm settings for a logger and also remotely adjust them


Fleet reports enable loggers requiring investigation to be identified without having to access each logger individually. Reports can be produced using a list of variables that can be tailored as required; including channel settings, meter readings, call-in settings, install lines, pressure flat lines, flow flat lines, over pressure, negative pressure, zero flows, negative flows and alarm settings.


  • Easy to use and highly convenient.
  • Cost effective – can be used to identify exceptional usage in targeted areas quickly and efficiently.
  • Alarms enable prompt action to be taken to resolve problems.
  • Secure - password protected access to read only data ensures that data remains secure and protected.
  • CSV download option enables data to be easily exported into a spreadsheet or other document for analysis.
  • Meter reading statistics displayed as Mean, Min, Max, Volume etc.
  • Mouse over functionality enables graph data to be clearly pinpointed.
  • Google Map function pinpoints logger position to enable easy identification and location
  • Fleet reporting option enables loggers requiring investigation to be identified quickly.


HWMOnline Datasheet