Stainless Steel Expansion Joint


Stainless steel expansion joints, when installed midway along a service pipeline, act to absorb displacement caused by soil settlement as well as deformations (expansions, contractions, bending, and irregular stress) caused by seismic activity. In addition, these joints are used to absorb thermal deformations of pipeline bridges and exposed pipelines. Our expansion joint is a product that guarantees both the safety and operational reliability of critical infrastructure.


Our stainless steel products feature two significant advantages: flexibility and strength. These advantages allow products such as stainless steel flexible tubes and expansion joints to act as not only viable, but critical waterworks components. SRS has assembled a variety of these products to meet the dynamic needs of our market in the hope of helping our waterworks customers deliver clean water to their end users.


Model overview

Installation Location Function Model
  • Vicinity of structure (reservoirs, retention basins, pump room exterior)
  • Between various facilities within a water purification plant
  • Infilled areas of land reclamation projects
  • Pipelines passing under rivers, train tracks, roads
  • Absorption of soil settlement.
  • Demarcation of two subsystems.
  • Absorption of displacement caused by seismic activity.
  • Pipeline bridges, bridge girders, overhead cisterns, pump room interior
  • Absorption of expansions and contractions.
  • Absorption of vibrations/machine noise.


  • Valve room interior
  • Access to valve and packing for routine inspection and replacement.
  • Absorption of expansions and contractions, as well as vibrations during operational hours.
  • Vicinity of on-site obstacles (pipelines, utility holes, etc.)
  • Bypasses obstacles that may hinder more conventional assemblies.


SSEJ Datasheet