Dynamic Flexible Pipe


Dynamic flexible tubes are a type of distribution pipe designed to navigate and circumvent the obstacles posed by certain installation sites. Their flexibility additionally makes them capable of absorbing soil settlement and seismic activity.

Roadside excavations are fraught with complexities compounded by the fact that these sites often uncover electricity and gas services. Such situations call for a piping solution that can both navigate on-site obstacles, and tolerate soil displacement.


Dynamic flexible tubes, despite their smallest diameter starting from 80A, are soft and flexible enough to be bent by hand. This product effectively removes the need for complicated, cumbersome assemblies that utilize pre-shaped elbows. The result is an installation method that greatly eases the hardship of working in cramped and complicated environments.

SRS’ bellows are made from one of two materials (depending on configuration): SUS316L or SUS304. The flexible tube’s triple-layered structure consists of expandable bellows, a stainless blade designed for protection, and an anti-corrosive taping.

The connection points of each tube are configured to our customers’ specifications. If necessary, these components can be specially insulated.


Dynamic Flexible Pipe
Internal Diameter (Aperture): 80A-350A*
Manufactured Lengths: 1000L-5000L**
Design Pressure: 0.74Mpa***
Test Pressure: < 1.18Mpa
Bellows Material: SUS304 (annealed)/SUS316L (not-annealed)

* Configurations above 400A possible
** Configurations longer than 10000 L and/or with pre-attached T-joint possible
*** Configurations of 1.5Mpa possible


Nominal Diameter: Maximum External Diameter: Unit Weight (kg/m): Minimum Bending Radius (mm):
80A Ø104 5.0 220
100A Ø130 6.0 280
125A Ø158 7.5 350
150A Ø185 10.0 400
200A Ø235 15.0 600
250A Ø290 23.0 700
300A Ø341 31.0 900
350A Ø383 42.0 1100