LVRSys is a low voltage regulation system that provides a cost-effective alternative to re-conductoring or installing additional line capacity to deal with voltage issues. It can be used within all (230/400 V) low voltage distribution networks where voltage problems exist. LVRSys products are available with single phase ratings of 7.5 kVA to 50 kVA and three phase ratings of 22 kVA to 630 kVA. Units are available in variety of pad-mount, pole-mount or for kiosk installations. Pole mount units are available in single phase ratings from 7.5 to 50 kVA and three phase ratings of 22 to 70 kVA.


With the proliferation of domestic solar generation and electric vehicle charging, there is a growing need for voltage regulation within the LV distribution network. The manual changing of distribution transformer taps cannot adequately control network voltage as customers swing from being day time producers of energy to night time consumers.

The LVRSys products gives network planners a convenient solution that can be retrofitted within the distribution network to automatically regulate under or over-voltage conditions. With the independent phase regulation of three phase systems, balancing of the three-phase voltages is possible improving the overall power quality of the grid. LVRSys is available in a variety of sizes and enclosures for use as an in-line regulator for a small number of consumers or at LV substations for entire feeder regulation.

LVRSys includes options for comprehensive Power Quality monitor (using A.Eberle PQI-DA smart), DNP reporting and remote engineering access. Using a classical buck/boost transformer arrangement, voltage can be adjusted in 9 steps (options for +/-6, +/-8, +/-10 or up to +/-24 % regulation).

LVRSys Pole MountThe pole mount design is rated for environments of - 40 to + 50 ℃, which is achieved without fans or air exchange within the control environment (i.e. the units are very robust against airborne pollution and insects). Using long life and robust power electronics (thyristors), the system can be used on circuits with short circuit ratings of up to 20 kA and has a high resistance to lightning and other over-voltages. The switching devices do not cause flicker, do not generate additional harmonics and do not require servicing.

Key Features

  • Voltage regulation in local grids from 22 kVA to 630 kVA
  • For use as string regulator or as local grid regulator
  • Regulation range from ±6 % to ±24 % of the nominal voltage
  • Independent regulation of three-phases voltages
  • Optional power quality-analysis according to EN 50160 and IEC 61000-2-2

    lvrsys Datasheet